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Cheyenne Woods, Plays for Wake Forest.

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Q: Does Tiger Woods have a niece that is a good golfer?
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What helped Tiger Woods succeed?

he's a good golfer

What is a pro golfer?

A professional Golfer is a very good golfer that does not follow the USGA and R&A Rules of Amateur Status. Basically, that is a golfer that accepts prize money at tournaments(ie Tiger Woods).

What were Tiger Woods's important contributions?

nothing but a good golfer He helps kids on their golf swing and has a golf camp for kids.

Is Lorena Ochoa the best golfer in the world men and women?

She is without question the best Lady Golfer in the world. But she would not be as good as Tiger Woods, this is why men and women do not compete together.

How Tiger Woods becam famous?

Tiger Woods became famous a young age (early twenties) by being a great golfer, one of the best in recent times. Unfortunately, his adultery led to a bad divorce and he has not been a good golfer ever since his infamous behavior became public.

How smart of a golfer is Tiger Woods?

How smart is he? Well, not smart enough to bring his phone with him when he left the house on a certain evening... But if you mean how good at golf is he, then very good. Arguably the greatest golfer the world has ever seen.

What is Tiger Woods good at?

He is good at Golf.

How much does a PGA golfer make?

Depends how good they are. The lower end would be around a couple of hundred thousand dollars. The average for a good player would be about $5 million and a top player like Tiger Woods $10-12 million. That is on course earnings alone, endorsements and sponsorships for Tiger Woods are around $100 million.

Did Tiger Woods hava a good family life?

do tiger have bro or sister ?

Did Tiger Woods like to read as a child?

Tiger Woods used to have a form of dyslexia, he enjoyed reading but he was not very good at it

Is Tiger Woods more popular then a-rod?

Tiger Woods is more popular for good reasons. A-Rod is popular for using steriods

Why is Tiger wood famous?

Cause hes a good golfer and then he had an affair or something like that

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