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yes he does. whoever posted above me is a liar.

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Q: Does Texas longhorns quarterback Garrett Gilbert have a girlfriend?
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What position does Garrett Gilbert play?

Garrett Gilbert plays Quarterback for the St. Louis Rams.

When was Garrett Gilbert born?

Garrett Gilbert was born in 1991.

How tall is Garrett Gilbert?

NFL player Garrett Gilbert is 6'-04''.

How old is Garrett Gilbert?

As of the end of the 2013-2014 NFL season Garrett Gilbert is -- years old.

What actors and actresses appeared in 2010 BCS National Championship Game - 2010?

The cast of 2010 BCS National Championship Game - 2010 includes: Mack Brown as Himself - Texas Longhorns Head Coach Dan Buckner as Himself - Texas Longhorns Wide Receiver Marcell Dareus as Himself - Alabama crimson Tide Defensive Lineman Garrett Gilbert as Himself - Texas Longhorns Quarterback Kirk Herbstreit as Himself - Color Commentator Colt McCoy as Himself - Texas Longhorns Quarterback Brent Musburger as Himself - Play-by-Play Announcer Trent Richardson as Himself - Alabama Crimson Tide Running Back Nick Saban as Himself - Alabama Crimson Tide Head Coach Lisa Salters as Herself - Texas Sideline Reporter Jordan Shipley as Himself - Texas Longhorns Wide Receiver Leigh Tiffin as Himself - Alabama Crimson Tide Kicker

Who is better Garrett Gilbert or colt mccoy?

Never heard of either of them.

What NFL team does David Gilbert play for?

Justin Gilbert plays for the Cleveland Browns.

Is Rhod Gilbert married?

No he has a girlfriend

Who was the quarterback for the chargers in 1994?

Stan Humphries was the starter and Gale Gilbert was the backup.

What was the jersey number of Bills Quarterback Gale Gilbert?

Gale Gilbert wore Jersey Number 15, the same number as Jack Kemp.

Who was the backup quarterback for Dallas in 2011?

Texas is using three QB's this year. Garrett Gilbert started the first two games, however sophomore Case McCoy (younger brother to Colt McCoy) started the third game with true freshman David Ash receiving a lot of play time in all three games. Currently Case is starting QB, with Ash as his backup, and Gilbert as third string QB. But all QB's have different play packages and are used in different situations.

Does Garrett Gilbert have a brother?

Yes. His name is Griffin. He is a wide receiver for Lake Travis High.