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Q: Does Taylor swift like the Atlanta Braves?
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Does Taylor Swift's like chocolate?

Taylor swift loves chocolate

Does Taylor Swift like coffee?

Taylor swift likes cappichinos

Does Taylor Swift like the color black?

No Taylor Swift does not like black, she likes white.

Does Justin Bieber like Taylor Swift or does Taylor Swift like Justin Bieber?

no not at all

Does Taylor launther like Taylor Swift?

Taylor L. used to date Taylor Swift but not any more.

How high is Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift is 5' 11" just like me

Does Taylor Swift love Justin bieber?

No. there good friends. Taylor Doesn't like justin like that.

Does demi lovato like Taylor Swift?

no she doesn't like Selena Gomez hanging out with Taylor swift

Did justin bieber like Taylor Swift?

yes justin biber used to like taylor swift

Does Taylor lautnor like Taylor Swift?

Taylor Lautner liked Taylor Swift better than she liked him when they were dating.

Is Taylor Swift a loser?

No!! Who would ask a dumb question like that? Taylor Swift is my role model!!!! Taylor Swift is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can you sound like Taylor Swift?

Sounding like Taylor Swift is impossible. God made all of our voices different and I bet that yours is better than Taylor Swift's.