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No, but they do have a softball team but no Baseball team.

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Q: Does Syracuse university have a baseball team?
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Which minor league baseball team has a locomotive for a team logo?

The Syracuse Chiefs

Are there basketball trainers located near Syracuse NY?

There are indeed basketball trainers located near Syracuse, New York. The Syracuse University would have basketball trainers available as they have a great basketball team. The Syracuse University also offers basketball camps.

What is the Syracuse address?

Syracuse University's address is: Syracuse University syracuse, NY 13244

What college basketball team is Jim Boeheim famous for coaching?

Syracuse University

When did Syracuse university open?

Syracuse University was founded in 1870.

When was Syracuse University Press created?

Syracuse University Press was created in 1943.

When was Syracuse University created?

Syracuse University was created on 1870-03-24.

Did Joe Biden graduate from the university of Syracuse?

Yes he graduated from the University of Syracuse.

How big is Syracuse university?

how big is Syracuse

Is Syracuse university in Syracuse?

Obviously yes!

What GPA do you need to attend Syracuse University?

The average GPA at Syracuse University is at 3.6.

Who founded Syracuse university?

Robert S. Syracuse

When was Syracuse University College of Law created?

Syracuse University College of Law was created in 1895.

What is the team name of Syracuse football?

The Syracuse Orange

Why is Syracuse University a private university?

Syracuse is a private school because the state of New York does NOT fund it.

Where is Syracuse universety?

Syracuse University is located in the city of Syracuse, which is in central New York state.

What was Ernie Davis team name?

Ernie Davis played football for the University of Syracuse Orangemen from 1959 to 1961.

When was Syracuse University School of Information Studies created?

Syracuse University School of Information Studies was created in 1870.

Who is the Syracuse Basketball teams mascot?

Otto the Orange is the mascot of the Syracuse Basketball team. The Syracuse Basketball team is also nicknamed Syracuse Orange, hence the name for the mascot Otto the Orange.

What is the name of the men's lacrosse team in Syracuse?

The men's lacrosse team in Syracuse is known as The Syracuse Orange. The team made its debut in 1916 and has gone on to win eleven national championship titles.

Does Harvard University have a baseball team?


Is Syracuse University private or public?

The school is a private university.

How old is Syracuse University?

Syracuse University was founded in 1870, it was officially chartered as a private, coeducational institution offering programs in physical sciences and modern languages. So to answer the question as to how old Syracuse University is it is 141 years old as of "2011".

What is the state of Syracuse University?

In the ground!

What are Syracuse university colors?