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Q: Does Sir Richard Hadlee have kids?
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Who was Sir Richard Hadlee's mother?

kate hadlee

Where does Sir Richard Hadlee live now?

England Hadlee lives in

Who is famous in NZ for a sport?

Sir Richard Hadlee NZ Cricket player Sir Richard Hadlee NZ Cricket player

How many brothers did Sir Richard Hadlee have?

Sir Richard has two brothers, Dayle and Barry Hadlee, and is not at all dead in any sense.

What is Sir Richard Hadlee nickname?


What are the names of the cricketers having title SIR?

Sir Richard Hadlee

What are Sir Richard Hadlee's parent's name?

Walter Hadlee (father) Lilla Monro (mother)

Does Sir Richard Hadlee come from a sporting family?

some what

What nationality was the cricketer sir Richard hadlee?

New Zealand

Who has taken the most cricket wickets for NZ?

Sir Richard Hadlee

Where did Sir Richard Hadlee go to school?

CHCH boys high school

What is the birth name of Richard Hadlee?

Richard Hadlee's birth name is Richard John Hadlee.