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Yes hes human. Just because hes famous for playing hockey does not mean he doesn't have a life out side of hockey.

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โˆ™ 2010-01-29 00:12:24
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Q: Does Sidney Crosby do other stuff besides play hockey?
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What type of sports does Sidney Crosby enjoy?

Other than hockey Sidney Crosby enjoys many sports like baseball, football, soccer and tennis!

What are Sidney Crosby's hobbies?

One of his hobbies is playing baseball, since it is his favorite sport other than hockey!

What other sports did Sidney Crosby play?

he plays soccer

Does Sidney Crosby play any other sports than hockey?

Yes, when he was five he did ballet, and now, he plays who's the biggest loser, and he ussually wins

What is Sidney Crosby's occupation when not an athlete?

Sidney Crosby is always an athlete (He does not have an occupation other than athlete) He does not have an 'occupation' in the manner you mean but I can tell you he has a few preoccupations; mostly himself but also blonds with mudou kutattas.

Does Sidney Crosby help the community?

Yes, he and other Pittsburgh Penguins have been to Children's Hospitals.

What does Sidney Crosby not like about people?

he does like every body! the other question with the girl in it is a lie! if you wanna see something good about him then go to: Sidney Crosby brings back the cup to home town on ctv!!! from his biggest fan!

What other numbers has Sidney Crosby wore?

Crosby also wore 87 for his Junior team: Rimousku Oceanic. he wore number 9 way back

Is Sidney Crosby a cry baby?

no just like any other star athlete he got upset

What other famous Canadians was don cherry involved with?

Ron Mclean ,Sidney Crosby all the NHLers

How many injuries has Sidney Crosby had?

He's had two concussions and several other injuries including fractures.

What are Sidney Crosby's characteristics?

What I would like about Sidney Crosby? He is humble, he's a good kid. Don't do drugs he stay sober. Most of all he's easy to talk to he's not a fake. He's a fantastic player one of the best player that I've ever seen. That's why I always watch hockey if Sid was playing. I enjoy watching him. I hate other team player who are the agitator and don't care if they injured other player.

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