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Yes, the San José Earthquakes play in the MLS.

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Q: Does San Jose have a professional a soccer team?
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Who are the SJ Quakes?

The San Jose (California) Earthquakes is a professional soccer team.

Are there any professional teams with turquoise as a color?

Yes, a few. San Jose Sharks hockey team, Seattle Sounders soccer team amongst them.

Why Is San Jose important?

Cuz itz the tenth largest city in the usa and home of the San Jose giants, earthquakes soccer team, and san Jose sharks. It also has a lot of tourest attractions. I live in San Jose, and i love it!

When was Team San Jose created?

Team San Jose was created in 2004.

What sport do the San Jose Sharks play?

The San Jose Sharks are a professional ice hockey team. They play in the National Hockey League, or NHL, and are based in San Jose, California, United States.

What are sport team names with an 's'?

San Jose Sharks (hockey) San Antonio Sparks (WNBA) San Diego Chargers San Fransisco Giants Spain (soccer) El Salvador (Soccer)

What international sporting events has San Jose hosted?


Fun facts about California?

One of the biggest earthquakes happened in California. California was the first places where gold was found California was conquered by the Hispanics Golden Gate Bridge is in San Fransisco. The hockey team is San Jose Shark Los Angles Angel (baseball team) means The Angels Angel in English. Most cities are in Spanish. San Jose Earthquakes (MLS) soccer Team San Jose Sabercats (AFL) San Fransico Giants- baseball team- same name as the Giants for Football (NYC :})

Where does the hockey team the sharks come from?

San Jose.

Which team in US is best in hockey?

san Jose

What are 3 pro sports team that end with a s?

The San Jose Earthquakes, the Oakland Athletics, and the San Jose Sharks.

What nhl team joined first San Jose or Anaheim?

San Jose joined in 1991, with Anaheim following in 1993.

How many non Canadians on San Jose sharks team?

There are currently 11 non-canadians on the San Jose Sharks

What is the name of the team in San Francisco?

San Francisco has two teams - the San Francisco Giants (baseball) and the San Francisco 49ers (football). Other local teams include the San Jose Sharks (hockey), the Golden State Warriors (basketball), the Oakland Raiders (football), the Oakland Atheltics (baseball), and the San Jose Earthquakes (soccer).

Who is the nhl best team this year?

The San Jose Sharks

What is californias main hockey team?

San Jose Sharks

Is San Jose state university a college football team?

California State University of San Jose has a football team. Their mascot is the Spartans. They play in the Western Athletic Conference.

What is the farthest NHL team from the San Jose Sharks?

the Boston Bruins

What is the closest NHL team to Portland Oregon?

The San Jose Sharks.

What was Michael Jackson's favourite hockey team?

San Jose Sharks.

What team has third most Canadian players?

i think san Jose

What is your favorite hockey team?

The Montreal Canadiens San Jose Sharks

What is San Jose collage mascot?

The college football team of San Jose State is the Trojans. When most people think of the college, they think of the Trojans. I guess that the unofficial mascot of San Jose State is the Trojans.

Which player is best at soccer?

To me the best soccer players are Joe Cannon, Darren Huckerby, and Shea Salinas. GO SAN JOSE EARTHQUAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What MLB team does Jose De Paula play for?

Jose De Paula plays for the San Fancisco Giants.