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Yes, there are electronic touch pads that time the races to 1/1000 of a second. Some have said that at a the touch finish of a race, this is length that a fingernail grows in three days.

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Yes, they have touch sensors. There are timed touch sensors on the wall.

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Q: Does Olympic pool have sensor in the whole wall?
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If the Olympic pool in Beijing is 3 meeters deep what do the swimmers stand on in the pool after a race?

They don't. Notice that they're either hanging on the lane line, grabbing the wall, or treading water.

How is the winner of a close olympic swimming race determined?

Yes, a machine in a form of sensors judges the swimmers.

Why is there a T in an olympic pool?

Each lane has a line on the bottom that the swimmer can use to help swim straight. The line ends in a "T" near both ends, indicating that they are getting close to the wall/end of pool.

What is the length of Swimming pool lane markers on pool floor?

As long as the floor: in other words, wall to wall.

Is it possible to repair a pool wall with water in the pool?

Hydralic cement?

How do you reprogram a motion sensor wall switch?

I have a outside motion sensor light and I need to re program the wall switch.How do I reprogram the wall switch? Thank you

What is a 'sport wall' in a swimming pool?

A sport wall is a temporary wall or boom that is placed in the swimming pool to shorten the length of the pool to make it regulation length for a swimming competition. Some 50m pools hold 'short course' competition and the regulation length is 25m so the pool needs a wall to measure this length in order for the competition to be official.

How long is a 24 pool wall?


On a side-wall suction type pool cleaner how can one determine the cause of lost suction at the wall and where the problem is?

When was the last time you cleaned the pool filter?????

How deep is the hole in the wall pool?

6 inches

How do you unbend a steel inground swimming pool wall?

The wall is steel and concrete so the short answer is that you do not.

Which is better to use for an inground pool a steel wall or a plywood wall?

Hmmm, I wonder just how long a plywood wall would last in ground or above ground for that matter? You might want to consult a pool builder.