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Yes, they have touch sensors. There are timed touch sensors on the wall.

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Q: Does Olympic pool have sensor in the whole wall?
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What does a lap mean in swimming?

lap means down and back. in a high school pool it means 50 yd/m total, in an olympic pool it totals to 100yd/m (50 from wall to wall)

If the Olympic pool in Beijing is 3 meeters deep what do the swimmers stand on in the pool after a race?

They don't. Notice that they're either hanging on the lane line, grabbing the wall, or treading water.

How is the winner of a close olympic swimming race determined?

The pool's walls are equipped with touchpad sensors. Whoever touches the wall first wins.

Why is there a T in an olympic pool?

Each lane has a line on the bottom that the swimmer can use to help swim straight. The line ends in a "T" near both ends, indicating that they are getting close to the wall/end of pool.

Can you put an above ground pool up on a retaining wall?

can i put and above ground pool next to a retaing wall <><><><> No. Retaining wall will not support weight of water in the pool.

What is the length of Swimming pool lane markers on pool floor?

As long as the floor: in other words, wall to wall.

Is it possible to repair a pool wall with water in the pool?

Hydralic cement?

How do you reprogram a motion sensor wall switch?

I have a outside motion sensor light and I need to re program the wall switch.How do I reprogram the wall switch? Thank you

How long is a 24 pool wall?


What is a 'sport wall' in a swimming pool?

A sport wall is a temporary wall or boom that is placed in the swimming pool to shorten the length of the pool to make it regulation length for a swimming competition. Some 50m pools hold 'short course' competition and the regulation length is 25m so the pool needs a wall to measure this length in order for the competition to be official.

How do you put the pump on your pool it a summer escape pool?

show me how to install the wall mounts in a summer escape swimming pool

How deep is the hole in the wall pool?

6 inches

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