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I personally like Nike the best I don't know why. But there are also many other popular Basketball shoe brands such as Adidas and Jordan.

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Q: Does Nike have the most popular basketball shoes?
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What is the most popular basketball shoe brand in the US?

its the nike shoes for its durability and design...

Why are nike shoes most popular for basketball?

They giveyour fot more arch for more jump in your step.

The most popular basketball brand?


Most expensive and popular shoes Nike shoes?

Currently from the Nike Store online the most expensive is there Jordan Collezione Men's Basketball Shoes which runs for about 310 dollars. Hope I could help out a bit! Have a good one!

What is the most popular shoes for men?

The most popular shoes for men are currently tennis shoes. Nike is one of the most popular brands of these shoes for men.

What is the most popular basketball brand in the US?


Most popular sport shoes?

nike shoes,nike air jordon shoes,nike air max,nike air shox,nike air force one, in a brand shoes.

What are the most popular brands of youth basketball shoes?

There are a number of different brands of youth basketball shoes. They range in styles as well as prices. Nike makes one of the most popular styles called the Air Jordans. Reebok and New Balance are also very popular.

What Nike shoes would be suitable to wear to a dance?

There are many Nike shoes that are suitable for dancing. Some of the most popular Nike shoes for dance include the Nike Shox, the Nike QVida and the Nike MC.

What are air force ones?

Air Force Ones are one of the world's most popular Nike shoes and basketball shoes ever made. I also own a pair.

What are the most popular boys basketball shoes?


How do Nike make their shoes and who makes them?

Shoe manufacturers in eastern Europe and southeast Asia produce the shoes for nike. for example, most of their basketball shoes are made by pou chen corp. in china

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