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The NY Yankees represent the state of New York. Their stadium is also located in New York City.

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Q: Does NY in New York Yankees refer to the state or city?
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What state and city do the New York Yankees play in?

The Yankees play in the Bronx, which is located in New York City, New York.

The Yankees Baseball team belongs to which state?

The Yankees play in New York city, which is located in New York state.

Are the New York Yankees named after the city or state?

The Yankees were named after the state. The team happens to play in New York City, but if they moved to a different part of New York, the team name would remain the same.

Is New York in New York state?

Yes, New York (the city) is in New York State. Most people refer to the City of New York as New York City as so not to be confused with New York State. However, the city shares the same name as the state, in which it is just New York.

What city in New York are the Yankees from?

The Yankees play in New York City, in the borough of the Bronx.

Why do people refer to New York as New York City?

Because that is its name, just as much as "New York" is. That's why the word "city" is capitalized. Because it's part of the name. The words "city" and "state" are added to New York City and New York State in order to differentiate between the two. Otherwise, people can get confused about which one you're referring to. The word "state" in New York State is capitalized, for the same reason the word "city" in New York City is capitalized: because names are proper nouns, and the words "city" and "state" are part of the name. It is perfectly proper to refer to the city and the state as, "New York City," and "New York State." It is also perfectly proper to refer to each of them as just, "New York." It just depends on whether or not you want to clarify which one you're referring to: the city or the state.

What city do the New York Yankees play for?

The Yankees play for New York City. The borough of The Bronx.

How far away is Yankee from New York city?

Yankees Stadium is in New York City. The Yankees play in the Bronx.

Do the New York Yankees have home games on the coast?

The New York Yankees play in Yankees Stadium, Bronx, New York City. New York City is located on the east coast of the United States.

What city do the New York Yankees come from?

Bronx in New York City.

Why do the New York Mets fans hate the New York Yankees?

Because they're both from the same state and they're city rivals.

Why does New York City suck?

the Yankees are there

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