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No. Statistics are broken out by regular season and postseason. Yardage or interceptions or such that is done in the postseason will count towards that player's career postseason stats.

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Q: Does NFL post-season stats count towards a players career total?
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Why do stats in the postseason not count towards a player's career stats?

Because otherwise it would be unfair to players who failed to make the postseason playoffs. An average player on a good team would be able to increase their stats, while a better player with the misfortune to be on a poor team could easily wind up with lower career stats.

Does a post-season home run count in a player's total career home runs?

== == No, post-season home runs don't count in a player's career totals. No post-season stats count towards career totals. They go in a separate category, usually entitled "Postseason Career."

Do postseason hits count toward career totals?

Yes they do

Do NFL preseason stats count towards a player's career totals?

No. A player's statistics will be broken down into regular season and postseason but not preseason. Preseason games are considered practice and a time to find out who will make the team. Many players play in preseason games that don't make the team or would get limited playing time if they do make the team. So preseason statistics do not count towards career totals. Quite frankly, I don't know if any team even keeps historical preseason statistical data.

Do home runs in an all-star game count in career home runs?

No, the only home runs that would count towards career home runs are thise hit in regular season games. Home runs for all star games and postseason games are kept as separate statistics.

Do postseason hits count towards all-time hits in baseball?

no, they are categorized seperately

Are points scored in playoffs added to the nba all time scores list?

They are still points, aren't they? Yes, they are added. Correction: Actually no, points scored in nba playoff games are not added to the total points scored in a players career. Career points scored for a player usually only refers to the regular season and does not include the nba postseason or aka playoffs. It is because technically playoff games are considered exhibition games, so while stats are also kept for these exhibition games the exhibition games do not count towards a players career total. For example the nba all-star game is also an exhibition game, so any points scored during the all star game will not count towards a players point total for the season or his career. Same goes for rebounds, blocks, assists, etc.

Do NFL practice squad players count against the 53 man roster?

No, but their contracts do count towards the NFL Salary Cap

In football do tackles made on special teams count towards a players statistics?


Do you get poins for your subs on fantasy football?

You only get points for your Active players. Your reserves (or BENCH) players do get points, but their points do not count towards your total.

Do postseason points count for all time in the NBA?

Yes they do.

Do postseason wins count in all time record in ncaa basketball?


How can a MLB player have more than 162 games played in a year?

There are 162 regular season games. If a player is on a team that qualifies for the postseason, then he will have played in those additional games as well. If a player played in every single regular-season game, and played in every postseason game, assuming all the series went the maximum games, a player could conceivably play 181 games in a season. One could even count the All-Star game, to say technically he played in 182 games. This answer is incorrect. MLB does not count postseason records toward a players yearly or career stats. They are separate. If you check this link, you'll see the career leaders for games played. A couple have hit 164 or 165, and a few have hit 163. The correct answer to this question is a little complicated. If a game is tied after 5 innings and is then stopped (rained out, etc.) the stats count for the players. However, the game still needs to be made up. This is only in a tie after 5 innings. If one team leads, the game is official and counts toward the standings. But if the game is tied, after 5 innings, and the game is stopped, the players' stats count (including games played), but the game is still made-up at a later date. Thus, is a player plays in all the other games, he can get credit for 163 games played. Also, if the top two teams in a division are tied after the 162nd game, a 1 game playoff is needed to determine the final standings in the division. All stats are counted. This most recently happened in 2008 with the Chicago White Sox and the Minnesota Twins.

Does a home run count towards a player's career statistics if it is hit during an All-Star game?

No. When someone talks about career statistics, they are talking about the regular season. Statistics are kept separately for playoffs/World Series games and All Star games.

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