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Coach Johnson has two sons.

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Q: Does NFL coach Jimmy Johnson have children?
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Are Jimmie Johnson and Jimmy Johnson related?

No. Jimmie the Nascar driver and Jimmy the former NFL coach, are not related.

What NFL team did Jimmy Johnson coach after leaving the Cowboys?

Miami Dolphins

What Oklahoman is the only NFL coach to go to three Super Bowls with three different teams?

Jimmy Johnson

Is the cowboy coach jimmy Johnson the same person as the nascar driver?

No. Plus their first names are spelled differently. The former head coach of the University of Miami and the NFL's Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins is Jimmy Johnson. The five-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion is Jimmie Johnson.

Who is the worst coach in the NFL?

paul johnson

How tall is NFL Fox analyst Jimmy Johnson?

Fox NFL analyst Jimmy Johnson is about 5'11 in height. He coached the NFL team Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins.

Who is the worst coach in NFL history?

paul johnson

How old is Jimmie Johnson?

Jimmie Johnson is 41 years old (birthdate: September 17, 1975).

What football coaches have won a NCAA championship and a NFL championship?

2 - Barry Switzer (3 with Oklahoma and 1 with Dallas) Jimmy Johnson (1 NCAA with Miami and 2 with Dallas) Paul Brown (1 NCAA with Ohio State and 3 with Cleveland Browns NFL , 4 Browns AAFC and one Ohio High School State Championship, Massilon Tigers)

Where does Jimmie Johnson live?

It is not known where Jimmy Johnson lives. Jimmy Johnson is a former football player and a football analyst on Fox NFL Sunday.

How tall is former dolphins coach jimmy Johnson?

James (Jimmy) William Johnson was born on July 16. 1943 in Port Arthur, Texas, United States. Height:5 ft11 in'(1.8Meters or 180 cm) Weight: 72 kg Hair Colour: Grey Eye Colour: Blue

Who are the two former nfl players on the television show survivor?

Jimmy Johnson is one of them.