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no ali has parkinsons disease

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Q: Does Muhammad Ali Have Lou Garrison disease?
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What is an fact about Lou Gehrig?

He had a disease named after him known as: (Lou Gehrig's Disease)

What is the cause of Lou Gehrig's disease?

Lou Gehrig's disease is a progressive neurological disease. It is also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The cause of Lou Gehrig's disease is not known, as of July 2014.

Is Lou Gerhig disease non communicable?

is the lou gehigs disease communicable or noncommunicable

Can you catch Lou Gehrig's Disease from someone?

No, Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS) is not contagious and cannot be transmitted from person to person. It is a neurodegenerative disease that primarily affects motor neurons in the brain and spinal cord.

Is Lou Gehrig's disease a communicable disease?

No, Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS) is not a communicable disease. It is a neurodegenerative disorder that primarily affects the nerve cells responsible for controlling voluntary muscles. It is not contagious and cannot be transmitted from person to person.

Can Lou Gehrig's disease be prevented?

There is no known way to prevent Lou Gehrig's disease or to alter its course.

What kinds of Lou Gehrig's disease are there?

Two major forms of ALS are known: familial and sporadic. Familial Lou Gehrig's disease accounts for about 10% of all Lou Gehrig's disease cases.

You have to do a minute oral report on Lou gehrigs disease?

Click on the 'Lou Gehrig's Disease' link below to help you with your research.

Is Lou Gehrig's disease the same as MS?

Nope, It's ALS that is Lou Gherigs disease. Arterial Lateral Sclerosis.

What disease does Stephen Haw king have?

He has Lou Gehrig's disease.

What disease has the same symptoms as Lou gehrig's disease?


What was one obstacle Lou Gehrig had to overcome?

ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease