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bench seating

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Q: Does Michigan stadium have benches or seats?
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What college football stadium seats over 100000?

1) Beaver Stadium (Penn State) 2) Michigan Stadium (Michigan) 3) Ohio Stadium (Ohio State) 4) Neyland Stadium (Tennessee) 5) Soldier Field (Notre Dame v. USC - 1929) 6) Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (Notre Dame v. USC - 1947) 7) Rose Bowl 8) JFK Stadium, also known as Municipal Stadium and Philadephia Stadium (Army v. Navy)

What is a good sentence for the word benches?

I enjoy watching basketball, especially when the referee benches someone. I see three seats open, over there in the benches. Let's see if there are any seats available over there in the benches.

How many seats are there in the stadium?

how many seats are there in the stadium

What word means the same as benches?

Seats is an example. Or pews.

What color are the seats in Yankee Stadium?

The seats at the new Yankee Stadium are Navy blue. The old stadium seats were Royal blue.

When did Michigan Stadium open?

Michigan Stadium opened in 1927.

When was Michigan Stadium created?

Michigan Stadium was created in 1927.

What is the seating capacity of Michigan Stadium?

There are 95 rows of bench seating in each section of Michigan Stadium. Each row has a different amount of seats depending on where it is located. The stadium has a seating capacity of 200,000.

How many seats are in the Bank of America stadium?

There are 73,778 seats in Bank Of America Stadium! :)

Where are Club seats in Rexall Place?

Directly behind the players benches.

Could you sit in a Greek stadium Why or why not?

There were benches for onlookers.

What baseball stadium has the most seats?

The largest stadium (capacity-wise) currently in use by an MLB team is Dodger Stadium. Capacity 56,000.