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Neither state is notes for good skiing. Small amounts of vertical combined small amounts of natural snow result in poor skiing conditions

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Q: Does Michigan or West Virginia have the best snow skiing?
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What is the best time of the year to go skiing in west Virginia?

Probably from late October to March, but it's very hard to predict the weather.

Where can i find good ski vacation areas in Michigan state?

There are 38 ski resorts in Michigan but my favourite would have to Ski Brule. It has the best slopes and I go there each year as I am also a big fan of skiing. It has good accommadation too and many other things to do if people with you do not enjoy skiing.

Who is the best know confederate soldier from West Virginia?

Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson was born and raised in what is now West Virginia, though it was still a part of Virginia then.

Where should I go for the best ski vacation?

In terms of skiing vacations there are a ton of options and the best option for you will definitely depend upon your location. The U.S. has some great skiing and you just need to decide if you would like to go east or west. In the west the place to be is Colorado with hug resorts like Vail and Boulder. In the Northeast your best bet will likely be Vermont with resorts like Killington and Stowe. All of these locations offer the best in skiing and shopping

What celebrity was born in West Virginia?

While others can be named Don Knotts as Barney seems to exemplify West Virginia best.

What state is best for buying a Subaru?

West Virginia (Morgantown)

What are the best CSI colleges to go to?

West Virginia has a very good program.

Is there a map that lists West Virginia Battles?

There are a number of places to get this information. The best resources to start at would be the West Virginia Visitors center. They should have all sorts of information about each location.

What is a sentence for skiing?

They are going skiing next year.I had fun skiing with my best friends.

What is West Virginia best known for?

coal, mountains,white water rafting and its in the U.S

Who has the best state police academy in the us?

The West Virginia State Police Academy

What is the best college football team that has not won a championship?

Virginia Tech or West Virginia. Both are at the top of teams without a title in total wins. Virginia Tech has played for a national championship, but lost. West Virginia came within one game of playing for the title, but was upset by Pittsburgh.

What is the trademark law for West Virginia?

The trademark law of West Virginia governs the word, name, symbol, or combination of the aforementioned used by a person to identify the goods or services owned by that person. Trademark laws vary from state to state and it is best to visit the official West Virginia government website for more information.

Where is the best places to ski in Canada?

When it comes to skiing in Canada you usually do it in the west or the east. When you go skiing in the west you go to Alberta or British Columbia. If you plan on going in the East, Quebec is the place to go. Some of the more popular resorts such as Whistler, Banff and Mont-Tremblant, offer not just outstanding skiing but year-round reasons to visit, like hiking trails, spas, fine restaurants, hotels and shopping.

What resort is best for Colorado skiing?

A resort that is considered the best for Colorado skiing is Beaver Creek Resort. The Beaver Creek Resort is a regular host of world cup skiing events.

What is the best party school in the US?

Wvu or penn state (wvu= west Virginia university)

What are the best karate schools in West Virginia?

That will depend a lot on where you are! I know Philippi has a good one!

What is the ideal skiing temp?

I would say -3c to -5c is the best temperature for skiing.

Where is the best skiing in Canada to be found?

According to travel websites, the best skiing in Canada can be found in the east including Quebec, and in the west including British Columbia and Alberta. The ski areas in between have smaller hills and therefore less challenging. Specific resorts include Whistle Blackcomb, Sunshine Village, and Kicking Horse.

What union is mother Jones best known for organizing?

Mother Jones was best known for organizing unions in mines in West Virginia and Colorado.

Is Austria a skiing country?

Yes. Austria is best in the world in alpine skiing.

Why is skiing popular in France?

Skiing is popular in France because of the plethora of resort at which to ski. Some of the best skiing in the world is found in the French Alps.

Are there any Scotch Collie Breeders in Virginia?

There is an old fashioned farm collie breeder in West Virginia, that might be your best bet:

Best skiing in Michigan?

Here is a list in my opinion of the best skiing in Michigan.# Nubs Nob - for the long runs, great grooming, excellent terrain park, HUGE half pipe, and generally good snow. # Marquette Mountain - has that out west feel standing at the top, with 600 foot of vertical for some of the longest runs in Michigan. Also some of the best snow being located in the Upper Peninsula.# Boyne Highlands - also has long runs, good grooming, improving terrain park, nice intermediate half pipe, friendly staff, good snow, and variance of terrain. # Crystal Mountain - great snowmaking, excellent grooming, very friendly staff, improving terrain park and pipe, and variance of terrain.

Is the boyne mountain a snow resort?

Yes, it is. As one of the top resorts in northern Michigan, Boyne Mountain offers not only the best in skiing, but also golf courses, spa packages and an indoor water park.