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They are dating and then they are going to get married

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Yes, she is rumored to have gotten married to the Undertaker.

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NO, he has never been out with Michelle McCool.

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Q: Does Michelle mccool go out with a WWE superstar?
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How much does Michelle mccool from WWE earn?

go ask her but I dont think she earns money since she is out of wwe

Who does Michelle mccool on wwe go out with?

She's married to Mark Callaway...otherwise known as THE UNDERTAKERRR

Who did undertaker go out with on wwe?

The Undertaker has dated Maryse Ouellet and Michelle McCool. He is now dating Melina Perez.

Why can't WWE Divas wrestle very well?

Some of them can like Michelle McCool and Melina Perez. I think some of them are lazy because they do go through training.

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How do you customize attributes of created superstar in create a WWE superstar in WWE 2009 ps2?

go on the inernet andtype wwe 2009 caws psz

Why do WWE superstar go on to tna?

A lot of times they go to TNA to take a break from WWE

What website do you go on to make a southpark WWE superstar?

go to

Where is the WWE superstar Sandman?

he had to go back to sand deago

Did WWE superstar Randy Orton go to college?

Yes he did

How can a created WWE superstar be 90 overall?

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