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he buys his Jordan shoes.

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Q: Does Michael Jordan buy his Jordan shoes or does nike give them tohim?
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Does Michael Jordan give money?


Does Michael Jordan give back to his community?


Did Michael Jordan give money to a Charity?

Yes he did

How much money did Michael Jordan give for carity?


How much does Michael Jordan give yearly to charity?


What school did Michael Jordan give money to?

indian hill

Did Michael Jordan give 900 millon dollars to a hurricane?


Why did Michael Jordan stop playing?

Michael Jordan stop playing because he wanted to try to achieve another sport which was baseball, but he did come back, but when he retired again it because he wanted to give the world something great other than his basketball skills, and that was his creations of his shoes.

Did Michael Jordan give up basketball for his kids?

He didn't give up I hope he does

Does Michael Jordan buy his Jordan shoes or does Nike give them to him?

Michael Jordan has about 5-6 pairs of each pair in the Air Jordan line, he does not need to buy them. At first, Nike gave him free pairs whenever, but since he owns his brand now he might as well just take them. he also owns 23 football and 67 footy pants and tops

What did Michael Jackson call his shoes?

He called them shoes, he didn't give them some special name.

Does Michael Jordan give back to the community?

Yes, Michael Jordan gives back to his community. He also involves himself in charities, foundations, and fundraisers.

What reason does Jordan give for his decision to play professional baseball?

If you mean Michael Jordan, it is because he likes baseball.

What was Michael Jordan obstacles?

haha im not going to give you the aswer hahahahaha!

Does Michael Jordan Give to charities?

Yes of course he does he gives to the same charities as the NBA.

Does Michael Jordan give to charity?

Yes of course he does he gives to the same charities as the NBA.

What does Michael Jordan give to the world?

Nothing. He sells entertainment to those that enjoy watching him play.

Does Michael Jordan give back?

No!! MJ doesn't care about you! so shut up ya pasty

What is the next mission after you complete Michael Jordan creating a legend?

You give birth to Kobe Bryant and he calls you daddy.

What is the value of a 2nd year Michael Jordan autographed card?

$5..i'll give you $10 tho cash right now

Give It to You by Jordan Knight was on what album?

Jordan Knight

Should companies give away free shoes and equipment to high school athletes?

I believe companies should give away free shoes and equipment to high school athletes only if their school is a part of the company. Such as Nike, Jordan, etc but if the student is playing for the team there shouldn't be no concerns.

What is Michael Jordan's favorite music?

give it your best or something like that not sure of the artist, he says it in an interview listened to it as part of his pre game to pump him up Anita Baker - Give it your best

Are shoes good for your feet?

shoes that don't give you blisters

The song give it to you by Jordan Knight was on which one of these albums?

Give It to You