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Yes, here name is Kharma u can follow her on Twitter @kharma_monroe

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Q: Does Maurice Jones Drew have a girlfriend and if so who is she?
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Does Maurice Jones-Drew have a girlfriend and if so who is she?

Maurice Jones-Drew has a girlfriend, and I believe that they have 2 children. Her name is Ashley and she was a former cheerleader for the Jacksonville Jaquars

With the 2nd pick in a fantasy football draft would you take Matt Forte or Maurice Jones Drew?

Maurice Jones Dre is more productive and a bigger value to his team so he will get more carries anyways, plus he is very productive in scoring touchdowns

What is maurice Jones drew doing this offseason?

If it is anything like his prior offseasons, he will be working out in California. However, he did get married in april, so it might be a bit different.

Is Maurice Jones-Drew a Christian?

Why does this really matter to you? If you like the football player why does it matter if he is christian or not? Why does he have to be a christian for you to accept him as a person? If you really were tolerant (as you probably think you are) you would not even be asking this question? He is a great football player so why does it matter to you that maybe he does not agree with your religious views? Really, this is so childish, this is stupid.

Is Christofer Drew Ingle a father?

christofer drew has a girlfriend but is not married..hope they break up so we can all have a chance

Did christoper drew ever have a girlfriend or boyfriend?

No, he did not because he was so into sailing. Everyone thought it was stupid.

Does christofer drew has a girlfriend 2011?

no he said in an interview he was as far as i know he's single

Would christopher drew date girls who are younger than him?

he is over 18 so his girlfriend would have to be too. :(

Does christofer drew have a girlfriend?

They just broke up and her name was Alison. he was dating his on and off girlfriend kristin krewson but she said he cheated on her, so they broke up for good.

Who is Jamie Simmonds's girlfriend?

her girlfriend is Miley Cyrus they wentt on lots of dates im her friend so don't tell her i wrote this my name is Katie Jones

Is christofer drew single?

From what I've heard, Chris and his girlfriend have just broke up a few days or so ago .. I'm not sure if it's true but it has appeared on his myspace that they did .. so my answer would have to be - Yes, Christofer Drew Ingle is single. :]

Why have Drew Carey and his girlfriend waited so long to be married?

That is a question that can only be answered by Drew Carey and his girlfriend/wife. Celebrities have private lives and it really isn't anyone elses business what they do. Somehow the tabloids have given people the impression that we have a right to know everything about celebrities. They are people, just like you or me, they just have a job that makes them more recognizable.