Does Match Attex sell football cards?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Yes. They sell thousands and thousands and thousands of these cards. Young kids and people of all ages collect these cards because they like them.

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Q: Does Match Attex sell football cards?
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How Much should you sell 8 Match Attex for?

It really depends on whether they are packs, or single cards. If they are just single cards then it will depended on which type they are. (e.g. regular, rare, man of the match)

Do tesco still sell Match Attex England?

As far as I know, its a no. They sell the new book thingy and a playing board and 25 cards with a limited edition but they dont sell packs.

Do whsmiths sell Match Attex?

no yes no yes no just kidding or am i ? seriously yes they do

Which supermarkets sell Match Attex?

Tesco, Asda, etc... As well as the newsagents :D

Where do they sell Match Attex trading card game?

game, newsagents,whsmith tesco and martins as well as sainsbury the co op and morrisons.

Where do buy football cards?

== == You can sell football cards on eBay, or any other auction site that has sports stuff. If you are a member of the Beckett website, they also allow you to sell your cards there.

Do they sell Match Attex in Canada?

Yes. Match Attax are available in Canada at a number of soccer stores across the country and online at (distributor). Call 604.805.6744 or email for more info.

Where could one sell college football cards?

One can sell college football cards through several different online websites. Some of these include ioffer and speciality card shops such as Dean's Cards. Perhaps the most popular option would be eBay.

Which stores can you buy Match Attex from?

Most good newsagents & toy shops will sell them. Wh Smith, The Entertainer, Toys R Us, Martin McColls will definitely stock them More info at

Where can you sell your signed football cards?

You can sell them at school, the mall, stores, or E-BAY! There's plenty of places! That's cool that you have those! :)

Where can you sell an entire collection of 2000 baseball hockey football and luney tunes trading cards?

Well, you can do a lot of places, but eBay is the way to go bucause when people bid they can usually bid for your cards maby 3 or 4 times the market price. Ebay is a great place to sell baseball football, and all other cards that you may want to sell.

How do you sell cards on howrse?

You go to the flash sales and then click on sell cards.