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Q: Does Maine have any NFL football teams?
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What NFL Football teams has Fredric S. Remington been in?

He didn't play on any NFL Football Teams, but he played for Yale University.

Are there any football teams starting with the letter x?

No, at least not in the NFL. NO!

I want to be a walk on for the NFL what do i do to get that chance?

Well, you have to absolutly ridiculous at football. But see if any teams have walk on tryouts. If so join it.

Do NFL teams have to trade in their division?

No, each team is free to trade with any of the other 31 teams in the NFL.

Is the NFL a monopoly?

Its a abbreviation for the national football league. As there aren't any other leagues of football teams that compete constantly with each other to make money it must be a monopoly.

Does Maine have any college sports teams?

the University of Maine. They compete in NCAA Division I athletics, with the majority of the teams playing in the America East Conference

Are there any future NFL teams?

No at least not at this time!

Are there any teams in the NFL that are in Wisconsin?

Green bay

Are there any football teams begining with x?


Are any football teams named after emus?


Are there any jc football teams in Delaware?


Is it true that NFL teams have a choice of the size football they want to use in any particular game and if so how does the rule apply?

The NFL only uses official size footballs for their games and that is their standard.

Do you have to go to the nfl football teams hometown to get an autograph from a player or can you go to any game?

At any game players will sign, or look up their teams mailing address and a lot of them are good at signing and sending the autograph requests back.

Is there any girl football teams?

Yes There Are Lot's Of Girls Football Team

Are there any NFL teams that have had no wins in a season?

Detroit lions.

Are their any current NFL teams that hold open tryouts?


Are there going to be any more NFL teams?

Probably not this year

Is there any NFL teams in Ohio?

Yes, the Cleveland Browns.

Are there any special sport teams in Maine?

baseball (Miricle League)Basketball

Does any state have more than 3 NFL teams?

NO state has more then 3 NLF teams ...

Are there any undefeated NFL teams for the 2010 season?

Chicago bears

Are there any football players from Washington and Jefferson who played in the NFL?

Are the any NFL players from Washington and Jefferson college

Are there any football teams beginning with f?

forest green

Are there any football teams that start with the letter A?

Aston Villa

Are there any foreign football teams beginning with q?