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Yes. Major League Baseball is the name of an organization and is therefore a proper noun. Iterations such as "major leagues" don't need to be capitalized, because they are not proper.

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yes. it's a proper noun.

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Q: Does MLB stand for Major League Baseball?
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What is meant by Major League Baseball?

MLB may stand for several different things. It is most commonly understood to stand for "Major League Baseball", a baseball organization popular in the United States. In business and accounting it stands for "Material, Labor, Burden."

Major league baseball?

Yep, Major League Baseball or MLB.

What is the abbreviation for MLB?

MLB stands for "Major League Baseball".

How many teams are in the Major League Baseball 08?

In 2008, Major League Baseball (MLB) consisted of 30 teams.

What does mbl mean?

The MLB means Major League Baseball

Where can one purhcase Major League Baseball baseball hats?

One can purchase MLB baseball hats for every major league team through the MLB shop on their official website. MLB baseball hats can also be purchased from both Amazon and Ebay.

How many rules are in Major League Baseball?


Is baseball more popurl then volleyball?

Yes it is, and the most popular baseball league in the U.S. is Major League Baseball (MLB).

What is Major League Baseball made from?

a mlb baseball is made from cork and a leather coating

Can Females and males Both play in Major League Baseball?

Guys only in Major Legue Baseball (MLB)

How does Major League Baseball determine what league a team is in?

By the way that they play. Well, that's part of it. The MLB is the Major League Baseball of the US. So it really doesn't matter.

Which logo is older the one for the Major League Baseball or the one for the NBA?