Does Lynda Petty have a sister?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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Q: Does Lynda Petty have a sister?
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What is the birth name of Lynda Petty?

Lynda Petty's birth name is Lynda Owens.

Who is Richard Petty married to?

Richard Petty married his wife Lynda in 1958 and have four children (Kyle Petty, Sharon Petty Farlow, Lisa Petty Luck, and Rebecca Petty Moffit).

Did Richard Petty get married?

He's been married to Lynda Owens-Petty since 1958.

Is Richard Petty's wife Lynda still alive?

Yes, she is.

How is Richard Petty's wife Linda doing?

Lynda Petty passed away on 3/25/14.

What kind of cancer does Richard Petty's wife have?

Richard Petty's wife, Lynda, was diagnosed with CNS (Central Nervous System) Lymphoma.

Is steven tyler sister lynda still alive?

No Steven Tyler's sister Lynda Tallarico died yesterday 12/22/2010 in Trenton, NC

Does tom petty have a sister?

Tom Petty has a brother, Bruce.

What is the name of Lynda Topp's twin sister?


What actors and actresses appeared in Petty Blue - 2010?

The cast of Petty Blue - 2010 includes: Kevin Costner as Narrator Mike Helton as himself Dale Inman as himself Ned Jarrett as himself Pattie Petty as herself Lynda Petty as herself Maurice Petty as himself Richard Petty as himself Kyle Petty as himself

How many siblings does steven tyler have?

Yes, his sister is Lydia. Their real last name is Tallarico, but I'm not sure if she's married.

Which sister of Jennifer Lopez is a newscaster?

Lynda Lopez, her youngest sister. She is currently a news anchor at WCBS-AM