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Los Angeles does not have an NFL team. However, the Oakland Raiders used to be located in Los Angeles from 1982 until 1994.

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Q: Does Los Angeles have a NFL team?
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Will there be a new NFL team?

maybe in los angeles

Will there be a NFL team in St George Utah?

Unlikely. The market the NFL wants for a team is Los Angeles.

What is the largest city without an NFL team?

Los Angeles California

What nfl team was named after a credit card?

The Los Angeles Chargers.

What professional sports team was first to call Los Angeles their home town?

The NFL's Cleveland Rams moved to Los Angeles and became the Los Angeles Rams in 1946.

What NFL team was the first to put an emblem on their helmets?

Los Angeles Rams

Which NFL team did John Robinson coach in 1983?

Los Angeles Rams

First NFL team to use an insignia on their helmets?

1948 Los Angeles Rams

Is there any Mexicans in the NFL?

YES! There will be many Mexicans in the new Los Angeles NFL Football team called the los angeles Border Bandits! The starting QB will be a guy named Pancho Aguilar who is trying to get a visa to come to the US as well as the rest of the team

What is the fewest yards gained by an NFL team?

-7. Seattle vs Los Angeles, 1979.

What sportsman had the nickname Deacon?

David "Deacon" Jones of the Los Angeles Rams NFL team.

Will the NFL have a new team?

There is still effort by the league to get a team in Los Angeles, and the likeliest avenue for such is formation of a new team, though there is no timetable for such as of 2009.

Is the NFLfootball team come from California?

No the Los Angeles Clippers are in the NBA with the Los Angeles Lakers The NFL teams are the San Diego Chargers,Sanfrancisco 49ers,Oakland Raiders

Is the Los Angeles Dodgers a parent?

No, the Los Angeles Dodgers are a professional baseball team. (MLB)

Which NFL team is located in Cleveland and moved to Los Angeles and now resides in a city with a big arch what is the team?

St. Louis Rams

In southern California who are nfl teams?

the Los Angeles Chargers and Los Angeles Rams

What team was Jeff Hostetler on in the NFL?

New York Giants, Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders, and Washington Redskins.

Does Hollywood have football?

Hollywood does not have an NFL team, but there is football there. For instance, one of their high school football teams is the Sheiks. Los Angeles (the city Hollywood is in) has an NFL team, the Rams.

Why is the Los Angeles basketball team named the Dodgers?

The NBA team in Los Angeles, CA is called the Los Angeles Lakers. The Major League Baseball team is called the Dodgers.

What hockey team does Los Angeles have?

The Los Angeles Kings

What is the first team in the NFL to have a team badge on their helmets?

In 1948, Fred Gehrke, halfback for the Los Angeles Rams, painted horns on the Rams helmets.

What is the 33 national football league?

Expansion of the NFL is not planned at the moment, but there has been talk of a new team in Los Angeles since they currently do not have a team.

Why doesn't Los Angeles have a pro football team?

From my understanding, the Houston Texans were supposed to go to Los Angeles but, since there was no consensus on where to house the team, the NFL decided against it being in LA. The 3 choices for a stadium were the Coliseum, which the NFL has repeatedly said no to, the Rose Bowl (which is a historic site that cannot be updated for NFL standards) or a new stadium which has yet to have a location or design...

When was the last time a Los Angeles nfl team won the Super Bowl?

That was Super Bowl XVIII played January 22, 1984 when the Los Angeles Raiders defeated the Washington Redskins, 38-9.

What is the nearest NFL team to Los Angeles?

From what I'm hearing, the three most likely teams are either the chargers, Vikings, and jaguars. Hopefully they bring either one, LA needs an NFL team.