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Q: Does Lincoln financial field still have a court and judge?
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How does a judge use math in court?

for financial issues

What are the release dates for America's Court with Judge Ross - 2010 You Ruined My Business Lincoln Parked Wrong?

America's Court with Judge Ross - 2010 You Ruined My Business Lincoln Parked Wrong was released on: USA: 2013

What is an aministrator?

an administrator is when a company is in big financial debt, they might go to court about and then the judge will issue them an administrator to help them with there financial problems

Repossession in contempt of court?

An action that interferes with a judge's ability to administer justice or that insults the dignity of the court. Disrespectful comments to the judge or a failure to heed a judge's orders could be considered contempt of court. A person found in contempt of court can face financial sanctions and, in some cases, jail time.

What field of specialization is Carmen Velasquez?

Carmen Velasquez is a civil court judge in New York.

Is a legal decision that of a judge or a court?

The judge is the voice of the court; his judgment is the court's judgment.

What is the judge's role in juvenile court?

The judge presides over the court and passes judgment, just like a judge in any other court does.

What is the envelope salutation for a judge?

It depends on the status of the judge - 'Your Honour' for a circuit or crown (high) court judge and Mr/s Justice for a high court (supreme) court judge.

Who is the high court judge of chennai?

IGBAL he is head judge of high court in chennai

How does one get court appointed legal counsel?

If one does not have the financial resources to obtain legal representation, then the court will appoint someone to act on your behalf. It is necessary to prove your financial status, and to request legal counsel on your first appearance in court. Once approved by the judge the individual should make contact with the legal counsel and proceed as advised.

What is a superior judge?

I believe the question refers to a judge who happens to sit on the bench of a Superior Court - hence a Superior Court Judge.

When was Family Court with Judge Penny created?

Family Court with Judge Penny was created in 2008.