Does LeBron James have any facts?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Weird fact #1 He bought a house for like 5 million dollars, then had like 10 million dollars worth of renovations before knocking it all down so he could start from scratch. Weird fact #2 He searches his yard for small helpless critters and cuddles with them. Weird fact #3 He walks on his toes when he thinks no one is looking.

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Q: Does LeBron James have any facts?
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Name three facts about LeBron James?

Lebron raymone James's first name is lebron his middle name is raymone aned his last name is James

Did LeBron James have brother or a sis?

LeBron James does not have any siblings.

Who can stop LeBron James on the court?

shaquille oneal could stop lebron James any day

Does LeBron have any pets?

LeBron James does not have any known pets. Lebron is very busy playing in the NBA and does not have time for pets.

Does LeBron James have any champioships?

No, not yet.

The names of LeBron James children?

LeBron James has two children, LeBron James Jr. and Bryce Maximus James.

Do LeBron James have any sister's?

No, He is an only child .

How did tang rulers strengthen china economy?

LeBron James

What is Lebron James childrens name?

Lebron James Jr. and Raymone James

Are lebron James kids by the same person?

lebron has 2 kids with his girlfriend Savannah brinson

What is lebron James son name?

It is bronny James jr

What is lebron jame full name?

LeBron Raymone James