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Both, and several inbetween. The gear is chosen to get the same pedalling effort regardless if the course is uphill, flat or downhill at the moment.

Ans 2 - Most pro riders will use all the gears necesary to maintain a good 'spin' speed. (rpm of the crank )

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Q: Does Lance Armstrong use a low gear or high gear?
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Which has a bigger gear the low gear or the high gear?

The gear with the more number of teeth is bigger.

What is Lance Armstrong's resting pulse rate?

I have seen that his resting pulse is abnormally low, around 32-34

When driving in snow is it better to be in a low gear or a high gear?

Usually a high gear is better in snow because it does not slip as easy.

Why won't three wheelers go when i put it in gear?

if it has a high low trans then it probably is in the middle of high and low!

What is the extra gear lever in Subaru Outback?

this is the lever that enables high and low gear for 4wd.

Do you run your 2002 land rover discovery in high or low gear?

I run in Hi gear

What is cause of dragging on engine when change gear?

Low RPM. Gear is too high for travel speed

What are high gears and low gears ratios?

High gear ratios, 273,373,340 Low ratios, any thing starting with the #4 and up is a low gear ratio. 410 411 456 488 556 and up.

Why would low gear not work but high gear will on 13 double over?

A double over bicycle will have two gears for the chain and it allows for easier pedaling up and down hills. When you are in a low gear, you will find that having the chain on the smaller gear will work better than having it on the large gear, which should be reserved for the high gear.

What does the high and low gear mean on landrover discovery 2?

I'm guessing the low gear is for towing or climbing The high gear is for normal driving on road, the low gear when engaged lowers all the normal gears for driving cross country over severe terrain, something that very, very, few drivers of range rovers ever do.

Why doe your car sound like it is in a high gear when you are driving in a low gear?

Cooling fan clutch could be seized.

Should you use a high gear or low gear when traction is poor?

In motor-driven vehicles it's often best to use a high gear, as it reduces the likelihood of the wheels spinning loose. For a bicycle it's often better to use a low gear, as it makes it easier for the rider to control the power.

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