Does Kobe like playing basketball

Updated: 10/20/2022
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I think he does like playing Basketball, he liked soccer but now he likes basketball. If he didn't like basketball, why would he make all these buzzer-beaters. So, I think he does like playing basketball. He likes playing basketball because, he is a basketball player. I know that he likes basketball because my cousin is obsessed with him.

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Q: Does Kobe like playing basketball
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What was the purpose of Kobe Bryant playing basketball?

the purpose of Kobe playing basketball was to have fun

What is Kobe Bryants future?

Kobe Bryants future is playing for the Lakers playing basketball

What are the objections of playing basketball?

Basketball goal kobe bryant basketball

Who has been playing basketball the longest?

kobe bryant

When did Kobe Bryant start playing basketball?

when he was 6

How did Kobe Bryant become famous?

By playing basketball

What is Kobe Bryant's significance in playing basketball?

ball hog

How did Kobe Bryant family make a living?

playing basketball

What do Kobe like to do?


Why is Kobe Bryant a basketball player?

He enjoys playing and he is very pro at it!

How old was Kobe Bryant when he started playing basketball in the nba?


How did Kobe Bryant become so good in basketball?

His dad was an NBA All-star basketball, and Kobe has been playing since he was 5 years old.