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Q: Does Kobe Bryant have other children outside the marriage?
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Does Snoop Dog have kids outside of his marriage?

Rapper Snoop Dogg and his wife Shante have three kids together. He does not have any other children outside of his marriage.

What do you call children who are related due to their parents marriage but neither have the same biological parent?

In a marriage in which both the husband and the wife have children from a previous marriage, the children are step-children to the parent who is not their bioloigical parent, and are step-siblings (step-brothers and step-sisters) to each other.

Can children of a same-sex marriage get married to each other?

Sure they can, unless they are gay and live in a state where same-sex marriage is banned. Oh, and, they can't marry if they are children of the SAME marriage (i.e., are siblings).

Is it possible to have a successful marriage even if you cannot have children?

Certainly! A marriage does not equal man, woman, + children. Marriage = man + woman. Children are a result of marriage. You should still love each other like you did before children became a possibility. You can also look into adoption, surrogacy, and in vitro. Your marriage should not be dependent upon children you should still be in love with just the two of you and be able to make things work enen though plans have changed.

Does same-sex marriage benefit children?

Perhaps the most important benefit is showing children that despite what many religions say, gay marriage is no different from any other. The most important thing children need to know is that marriage is about more than "plumbing" -- it's about commitment, caring, support, and love. If the parents are caring and loving for each other and their children then all will be fine; if they aren't then there can be problems.

How many children does janine turner have?

No she has four sons, 2 of which are bilogical children and the other 2 are adopted from Ike's previous marriage.

How does the church feel about children being born out of wedlock?

Ideally, children are born in a marriage where the parents are committed to each other but hopefully all children are loved and respected.

Did Frida and Benny have any children together?

No. Benny Andersson has three children from his other two marriages, while Frida Lyngstad had two children from her first marriage. They never had children together.

How many wives and children did Bob Marley have?

Marley had 13 children and one wife; only 3 (or possibly 4) of the children were by her, the others being either adopted by his marriage or to other women.

What does Islam say about doing other things other than kissing with your lover?

Other things are permissible, just make sure not to have sexual intercourse before marriage. It is not allowed to have sex before marriage. It is a major sin to lose virginity before marriage. _____________________________________________ Any sexual practice (oral or intercourse sex) outside licit marriage is strictly forbidden per Islamic teachings and rules.

Is same-sex marriage legal in places other than Maine and Maryland?

Yes, several countries, or regions outside the U.S., have also legalized same-sex marriage, or are in the process of doing so.

Are children or youth who are disabled allowed to play sport with other children who are not disabled and are they allowed to play sports both in school and outside school setting?

it depends on the disability. normally the children that are handicapped are not allowed to play and also the kids with down-syndrome are not allowed. but i have seen deaf children play with other children in sport teams... im not positive about outside of school though.