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Q: Does Ken Griffey Jr play for the Mariners now?
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Where is Ken Griffey Jr now?

Retired! He resigned Last season with the Seattle mariners

Is Ken Griffey going back to Seattle for the next baseball season?

No. Griffey has had many injury problems ever since being traded to the Reds and may be traded someday if the Reds can find a suitor. A couple years ago the Reds tried trading Griffey to the Padres for Phil Nevin, but Nevin didn't waive his no-trade clause. If Griffey continues to battle injuries and there is a team that is willing to give up a minor leaguer or two for him then the Reds may try to trade him. maybe but there is a small chance He is with them now :) the Reds traded him to the White Sox for Nick Masset. The White Sox then traded him to the Mariners.

What mlb active player has the most career home runs?

Alex Rodriguez has the most home runs for an active player right now. It would have been Ken Griffey Jr., but he retired in June 2010.

What is the value of a Ken Griffey Jr. 600 home run game ticket stub?

Ken Griffey Jr.hit his 500th Home Run on June 9 2008 at Dolphin Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. The full Ticket for this game is worth about $50. -$75. Full tickets are more common now that they are scanned at the gate instead of ripped. Condition is important. Rips, crease, and fading could bring the price down significantly. In three recent auctions (July 2008) a Ken Griffey Jr 600th home run game ticket sold for $36.51, 34.33, and $60.00 See Related Links below for other milestone baseball tickets.

Why have sports cards value went down?

Technology is a big reason. Kids now would rather play a video game, pretending to be Ken Griffey Jr., than look at him on a piece of cardboard. There is not the demand for the cards as much as their used to be. Also the economy is not the greatest, and people dont have the extra money to spend on baseball cards.

Does Ken-y have a girlfriend?

Ken-y does not have a girlfriend and is single for now

Where has Alex Rodriguez play the most?

He started as a shortstop with the Seattle Mariners for 6 yrs. Now with the N.Y. Yankees as a 3rd baseman for 8 yrs.

How do you pronounce Birkenau?

you pronounce berk-ken-now for birkenau or Beer-ken-ow

Where did Alex Rodriguez start and where is he now?

His first team was the Seattle Mariners, he's now on the Yankees.

Where is chone figgins playing baseball?

Now, he plays for the Seattle Mariners

Where is ken Anderson wrestling now?

he is wrestling in tna.

Who is the best player in the MLB now?

ken griffy jr.

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