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Q: Does Kelli Berglund like cheerleading
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Who plays Bree in lab rats?

kelli berglund

How old is Kelli Berglund?

Kelli Berglund is 21 years old (birthdate February 9, 1996).

What is Kelli Berglund's favorite color?

Kelli Berglund's Favorite Color is PINK! LOVE PINK!

Who is Kelli Berglund's father?


Does kelli berglund have a boyfriend?


Is kelli berglund American?


When is Kelli Berglund's birthday?

Kelli Michelle Berglund, an American teen actress, dancer and singer, was born on February 9, 1996. Kelli is a Disney XD star and stars in the Disney Channel Original movie How to Build a Better Boy.

Do kelli berglund have afacebook account?


How much does kelli berglund weigh?

About 180 pounds

What year was Kelli Berglund born in?

feburary 9 1996

Does Kelli Berglund have siblings?

She has a younger sister named Kirra.

Is actress Kelli berglund still a virgin?

no i took it away