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Q: Does Justin Tucker have a foundation?
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When was Richard Tucker Music Foundation created?

Richard Tucker Music Foundation was created in 1975.

How tall is Justin Tucker?

NFL player Justin Tucker is 6'-01''.

What position does Justin Tucker play?

Justin Tucker plays Place Kicker for the Baltimore Ravens.

What is Justin Tucker's number on the Baltimore Ravens?

Justin Tucker is number 9 on the Baltimore Ravens.

What college did NFL player Justin Tucker play for?

NFL player Justin Tucker played for Texas.

How much does NFL player Justin Tucker weigh?

NFL player Justin Tucker weighs 180 pounds.

What is the birth name of Tucker Wells?

Tucker Wells's birth name is Justin Tucker Wells.

What NFL team does Justin Tucker play for?

Justin Tucker plays for the Baltimore Ravens.

Where is the Hopper Heritage Foundation in Madison North Carolina located?

The address of the Hopper Heritage Foundation is: C/O Claude Hopper 442 Tucker Road, Madison, NC 27025

What is the super bowl record of touchbacks by a kicker in a super bowl game?

It will be Justin Tucker after February 3rd, 2013

What type of horse did Justin Morgan own?

HorseIsle : morgan.It was named after him, Justin Morgan, and was the foundation sire of the breed/ Justin Morgan is the founder of the Morgan. ~EmeraldEye on Palamino Server~

What is Justin Bieber's charity called?

Justin Bieber does not have his own charity, but he donates to lots of charities such as Pencils of Promise and the Make A Wish Foundation.