Does Joe Canning have a girlfriend?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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Hope not coz hes mine!!!

He actually has a girlfriend:P

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Q: Does Joe Canning have a girlfriend?
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Does Joe Canning live in Portumna?

Joe Canning does not live in Portumna. Joe Canning lives in Gortumera, Co. Galway.

When was Joe Canning born?

Joe Canning was born on 1988-10-11.

Who is joe canning's hurley maker?

Joe makes his own hurleys in the Canning Hurleys Workshop 087 137 66 66

Who is Joe canning?

Joe Canning is a hurler from Portumna, in the republic of Ireland. He plays hurling for the local Portumna club and for the Galway senior team.

What county does joe canning play with?


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Sandra Canning

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