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no matter what coach they have they play the same

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Q: Does India need a foreign coach?
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Do you need to learn a foreign language to be a coach or a scout?

No you don't need to learn a foreign language

India's first cricket coach?

Ajit Wadekar was the first to coach the Indian cricket team.He was both the manager and the coach of the Indian cricket team from 1992 to 1996. John Wright was India's first foreign coach.

What is the name of India's hockey coach?

India's new hockey coach Jose Manuel Brasa---naren

Are some Coach purses made in India?

Yes, Coach does manufacturer bags in India, including current bags.

Which body formulates the foreign policy of India?

The Council of Ministers formulates the foreign policy of India.

What are the Advantages and disadvantages of a foreign bank in India to an Indian investor?

advantages & disadvantages of foreign banks in India

Who is the coach hockey India?

Sai araygari

Need for industrialization of India?

More foreign investment. Import of modern technology and healthy environmental conditions.

Who is the first foreign coach in Indian cricket?

John Wright

Do pasengers sit on top of a coach or on the bottom or the coach?

Passengers sit IN coach on a plane IN a seat ON a coach Unless they are in India in whichcase they sit all over the coach

Who was Indian coach when India won the world cup in 1983?

There were no coaches for the teams those days. India got its first coach in 1996.

Who is the author of the book A foreign policy of India?

"A Foreign Policy of India" was written by K.R. Gupta and Vatsala Shukl.

Who is the INDIA foreign minister?

The current foreign miniser of India is Somanahalli Malliah Krishna or S M Krishna.

Who is the Foreign Minister of India?

The Current Foreign Minister of India is Shri S. M. Krishna.Since May 26, 2014, Sushma Swaraj has been the Foreign Minister of India. Foreign Minister is also known as Minister of External Affairs.

Who is the present coach of Indian Kabaddi Team?

Currently Balwan Singh is the Kabaddi Coach of India.

Which is the highest award given to a coach in India?


Who was the first foreign coach of the Indian cricket team?

John Wright

Foreign travelers in India in medieval period?

the foreigners were in india to explore

Can two foreign nationals get married in India?

Foreigners can get married in India but they need to meet a minimum 30 days residence requirement to be able to get legally married. Rajasthan and Goa are two of the most popular wedding locations for foreign visitors.

What has the author J N Dixit written?

J. N. Dixit has written: 'Assignment Colombo' 'India's Foreign Policy Challenge of Terrorism' 'India and regional developments' -- subject(s): Foreign relations 'An Afghan diary' -- subject(s): Foreign relations, Diaries, Politics and government, Foreign ministers 'Makers of India's foreign policy' -- subject(s): Foreign relations 'Assignment Colombo' -- subject(s): Foreign relations, India, India. 1987 July 29, Politics and government 'Liberation and beyond' -- subject(s): Foreign relations, History

Who is the coach of Indian Badminton team?

The coach of the Indian Badminton team is Pullela Gopi Chand. The Badminton Association of India is the governing body of the badminton sport in India.

Is it possible to make transaction foreign money through Axis Bank of India?

Yes. Axis Bank in India deals with foreign currency transactions. You can both deposit and withdraw currencies that are not the Indian Rupee. All you need is proof that you either earned an income in foreign currency or are in need of foreign currency due to a legitimate reason. Let us say you are going for a trip to USA and need dollars, you can deposit rupees with the bank and ask them to issue you US dollars which they will do so.

Who is the foreign secretory of India?

ranjan mathai

Who was the first foreign visitor to India?


Who is India's foreign secretary?

nirupama rao