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Gerard Pique plays Association football, which is also known as soccer.

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Q: Does Gerard Pique play soccer or football?
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What position does Gerard Pique play?

Gerard Piqué plays as a Defender for Spain.

Does China play soccer?

No they play football

What position in football does Gerard Lopez play?

central midfield

What sports do they play in Ecuador?

Their favorite sport is football. (soccer)

Can you be a football kicker if you play soccer?

kicking a soccer ball and football are very different but you can but it is rare.

What sports does Tunisia play?

They play football (soccer).

What sports do they play in Iraq?

they play football aka soccer, baseball, and the Olympics

How do you need to play football?

what kind of football soccer or something

What sport do soccer players play?

They play soccer. Outside of the United States, the sport of soccer is known as football.

Who is the Denmark football team?

Denmark doesn't play American football, but they do play soccer.

How is football different from the US in Mexico?

It is completely different: we play football; they play soccer.

Who inspired Alan Shearer to play football?

It was his father who encouraged him to play football (soccer).