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he's single.

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Q: Does George st Pierre have a sister?
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What race is george st Pierre?

George St. Pierre is a renowned French-canadian MMA-artist.

How tall is george st-Pierre?

George St. Pierre is 5'10 and weighs 169-170 lbs

Who won the ufc george st Pierre fight sat December 11th?

george st. Pierre

What is george st Pierre sisters name?

Roland And Paul st Pierre

Where is George st Pierre from?

George St. Pierre is a Canadian actor and former professional mixed martial arts He is from Saint-Isidore, Canada.

How big are George St Pierre's muscles?

Georgr St Pierre's biceps are 15 inch's around

Where does george st Pierre live?


What haircut does george st Pierre have?

Short buzzcut

How much money does george st. Pierre have?


Who won UFC 111?

George St. Pierre !

What is george st Pierre's weight?

170 pounds

Did george st Pierre lose his last fight?