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No, but we do play finnish Baseball which is very similar with the American one.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 23:13:25
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Q: Does Finland play baseball
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Which countries do play baseball?

Finland plays a form of baseball basically the same as American baseball. China, Japan, some in England, and some in Australia.

What sports do they play in Finland?

Soccer And hockey is very popular in Finland too.

What do Finland people do for fun?

play with balls

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What weird sports do that play in Finland?

Finns play a lot of hockey and soccer. But they also have basketball, alpine skiing, biathlon, discus throw, car sports, cheerleading, curling, bowling... but Finns also have their own old woman's carrying (yeah I know), throwing a telephone and throwing a rubber boot! Finns play baseball somewhere, but they also play another game nearly like baseball. It's in English "Finnish baseball" or baseball, even if baseball and the game aren't the same, not even nearly. It's called pesäpallo, straightly translated in English it's "nest ball".

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