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no, all professional footballers wear briefs not boxers

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โˆ™ 2012-07-01 21:09:34
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Q: Does Fernando Torres wear boxer shorts?
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Women typically wear boxer shorts as lingerie or pajamas. As an alternative to wearing boxer shorts, women will also wear underwear in a 'boy shorts' style.

What is Fernando Torres's number on the back of his top?

Fernando Torres wear the number 9

What number does Fernando Torres wear for Spain?


Does Fernando Torres wear an Ice watch?


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yes Damon wears boxer shorts. they have been visible on many episodes

What size shoe does Fernando Torres wear?

he is size 6

What shoe size does Fernando Torres wear?

he is size 6

What number does Fernando Torres wear for Liverpool?

Number 9!

What age should a man wear boxer shorts?


Does Tony Stewart wear boxer shorts briefs or boxer briefs?

briefs/tighty whities

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What kind of underwear does Sterling Knight wear?

he wears boxer shorts

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What number did Fernando Torres wear in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Fernando Torres wore jersey number 9 in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

What trousors does Harry Styles wear?

boxer shorts. he likes calvin klein.

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What underwear does WWE superstar Rey Mysterio wear?

he wears joe boxer boxers shorts

What size jersey does Fernando Torres wear?

Fernando Torres.plays number 9 in both of his clubs at the Liverpool and Spain his number 9.

Which boots does Fernando Torres wear?

Nike Air Zoom Total (AZT) 90 Laser boots

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Wearing boxer shorts actually increases sperm count, but not permanently. Wearing briefs decreases sperm count, but as soon as the man switches to boxers, his sperm count returns to normal. There have been studies done that prove the sperm count increases if you wear boxer shorts as opposed to wearing briefs. So, no wearing boxer shorts do not decrease sperm count.

What football players wear nike t90 boots?

Wayne Rooney, Fernando Torres, Maicon, and Rio Ferdinand