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Yes it does.

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Q: Does England have a bobsleigh team?
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What is Ken Kotyk's position on Canada's olympic bobsleigh team?

Ken Kotyk's position is the Brakeman for the Canadian bobsleigh team.

What is the best thing in Jamaica?

The bobsleigh team

How many people are there in one team in a bobsleigh?

There are 15.

Is bobslidding an individual or team sport?

Bobsleigh is an individual sport.

Why did the Jamaican bobsleigh team become celebrated?

Because they was in tv.

Which sport has two person or four person team?


What do bobsleigh team members wear on the bottoms of their shoes?

They wear underpants

Is England competing in 2010 winter Olympics?

Yes they are, skating and skiing, skeleon and bobsleigh

Will the Australian bobsled team be competing in the 2010 Winter Olympics?

Australia have two teams qualified for the two-man bobsleigh tournament, one team qualified for the four-man bobsleigh tournament, and one team qualified for the two-woman bobsleigh tournament - the latter included in spite of controversy over their participation - after the Irish had prepared a riot if the Australians were included in the two-woman bob.

Was there bobsleigh in the 1960 Olympics?

No, funding was low and only 5 countries had committed to send a bobsleigh team to the Winter Games in 1960 so the organizers copped a plea and saved about $750,000 by not building a bobsleigh track. The organizers, rightfully so, were criticized heavily for that decision.

Who invinen the bobsleigh in?

the history of the bobsleigh is that

Is there a book based on Cool Runnings?

Cool Runnings and Beyond: The Story of the Jamaica Bobsleigh Team