Does Eli still play today

Updated: 12/13/2022
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Q: Does Eli still play today
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Does Eli Manning still play for the New York Giants today?

He plays for th giants an his pasition is quarterback

What did Eli Whitney invent that is still in use today?

Buttons and zippers

Does Eli Manning still play for the New York Giants?


Which team does Eli altherr play for?

Eli Altherr plays for the Amelia Gladiators.

What does Eli Manning play?


Does Eli Manning play for the Detroit Lions?

No, Eli Manning is on the New York Giants.

Does Seinfeld still play today?

Yes, Seinfeld is still aired (in repeats ) worldwide.

Does Venus Willimas still play tennis?

yes she is still doing tournaments today

Is Eli witney still alive?

Eli Whitney died January 8, 1825.

Does New Orleens still play jazz today?


Is the trumpet still played today?

yes because i play it

What sports did Eli Whitney play?