Does Eleanor Simmonds have siblings

Updated: 12/14/2022
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She has 1 sister.

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Q: Does Eleanor Simmonds have siblings
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What are the names of Eleanor Simmonds siblings?


What is the birth name of Eleanor Simmonds?

Eleanor Simmonds's birth name is Eleanor Mary Simmonds.

How many medals did Eleanor simmonds get?

She got 43 paralympic medals.

What is Eleanor simmonds favrourite food?


How many medals has Eleanor simmonds has got?


What does Eleanor simmonds eat?

Ellie eats pizza and cakes

Does Eleanor Simmonds go to school?

nope she passed away:(

How many swimming medals did Eleanor simmonds get in Beijing?


How many gold medals have Eleanor Simmonds won?


How tall is Eleanor Simmonds?

1.23 metres ie 4'7/16"

When was Eleanor simmonds born?

15 years old.Written by shannon kilgallon

How old is Ellie Simmonds?

British Paralympics athlete Eleanor "Ellie" Simmonds is 23 years old (born Novermber 11, 1994)