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Yes, he does. Dwyane Wade has threechampionship rings, LeBron James has two. Both won their rings while playing for the Miami Heat.

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Q: Does Dwyane Wade have more championship rings than LeBron James?
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How many championship rings does Lebron James have?

LeBron Got 1 rings 2012

How many championships is LeBron James going to win?

LeBron James is going to win 4 to 5 championship rings when he retires

How many rings does Dwyane Wade?

He has in '06 and one in 2012. With LeBron James and Chris Bosh

How many rings does Dwyane Wade have?

He has in '06, one in 2012, and one 2013. With LeBron James and Chris Bosh

How many championship rings does Dwyane Wade have?


Who has the most championship rings in the NBA?

Michael Jordan. but now Kobe Bryant and Lebron James are battling for that spot

How many NBA championship titles does Lebron James own?

no kobe is better because kobe has 5 rings and lebron has 2 and kobe field goal percent is better than lebron

Who is the best player in the NBA who has not won a championship?

Lebron James is because all of his stats are stellar except for the fact that he has no rings.

How many rings Dwyane Wade have?

He has in '06, one in 2012, and one 2013. With LeBron James and Chris Bosh

What NBA players have championship rings?

Magic Johnson 5 rings Bill Russell 11 Rings Michael Jordan 6 rings Kareem Abdul Jabbar 6 rings Robert Horry 7 Rings Tim Duncan 4 rings Dwyane Wade 1 ring going on 7 :D Kobe Byrant now, 5 rings Lebron James going on 7 also :D

How many rings dos lebron James have?


How many championships rings does lebron James have?


How many basketball rings do lebron James have?


Does lebron have and finals rings?

Lebron James doesn't own a ring and has never won the finals.

What are LeBron James significance?

He has no rings! And one of his teammates rode his mom! I hate lebron james! Team dallas!

Who is the next Michael Jordan is it lebron James or Kobe Bryant?

Lebron is better than Kobe,but Kobe got three rings. Lebron carries his team, while Kobe has way more talent on his team. rember Kobe still hasn't one a championship without Shaq on his team.

How many championship rings do lebron James have throughout his career in the NBA?

Zero nada zip but he most likely willhave one at the end of the 2010 season also the mvp of the year award

How many NBA rings does Lebron James have?

Two 2012 and 2013

Can Jordan beat LeBron James?

haha in a heart beat lebron may got mvps be he ain't got no rings

What are the distinguishing landmarks that are found on Saturn?

It has more rings than Lebron James

Who better Kobe braynt or lebron James?

this is yet unknown you cannot just judge a player they are very good players LeBron may have more points, but Kobe likes to get others involved in the game too! Let the 5 championship rings speak for themselves

Will lebron ever surpass Kobe?

as i think, lebron will surpass Kobe in terms of personal achievements but not on the # of championship rings.. Kobe is superb but lebron is just great and younger than Kobe.. just as ive thought, give lebron a supporting cast on his team that will help him to win a crown just like Kobe.. no player will ever win a championship by its own.. =)

Did Lebron James ever win any championships?

Nope. He claims to be the King but he has NO RINGS.

Who is a better basketball player Kobe or Lebron?

lebron James is the better basketball player look at the stats lebron get the points,ast,rebounds,steals people always say well Kobe has 5 rings he scored 81 points but lebron is still young he will get his rings and a new career high

When Kobe was at the age of 24 was he better than lebron James to which James is at now?

Yes Kobe was better because he had already had 3 championship rings under his belt and so far as of 2009 lebron has none. Kobe had Shaq on his team when he won the 3 championships and Shaq won finals MVP every time. Did Lebron have any superstar on his team when he was 24? No. Overall Lebron and Kobe had different skills and played different positions so you have to take that into account also. In my opinion, Lebron was better.