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Q: Does Dwayne wade still play basketball?
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Did Dwyane Wade play in the Olympics?

Yes, Dwayne Wade was a member of the 2004 & 2008 Olympic basketball teams.

Who are three famous people who play basketball today?

Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade

Is Dwayne Wade or Ray Allen better at basketball?

It Depends on what you mean by better at Basketball, Dwayne Wade and Ray Allen or different because of the way that they play. Ray Allen is more of a shooter, while Dwayne Wade is a better all around player since he has to play that role for his team's success.Ray Allen would be my answer, and this answer might be a bit bias since I am a die hard Celtics fan

Who is Sasha Obama's favorite basketball player?

Dwayne Wade

Which basketball players wore number 3?

Dwayne wade

What basketball player had famous custody battle?

Dwayne Wade

What is Dwyane Wade's Childhood?

Dwayne Wade Went To Harold L. Richards High School

Answer Best star basketball player is?

Lebron James and Dwayne wade

What did Dwyane Wade do to make it to the NBA?

Dwayne Wade Worked Hard in School and He practiced Playing Basketball.

Which basketball player has the same first name as his father?

dwayne wade. his father is Dwyane wade Sr.

Which building does Dwyane Wade live?

Dwayne Wade does not give his private home address out to the general public. Dwayne is a famous professional basketball player with the NBA.

Is Blake Griffin the best basketball player?

No Blake griffin is not the best basketball player it is Dwayne wade