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Yes because he was on the team that won the Super Bowl in 2001, he just hardly ever played.

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Q: Does Drew bledsoe haver Super Bowl ring with patriots?
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Who was the patriots quarterback in the 1997 Super Bowl?

Drew Bledsoe.

Who was the patriots qauterback in super bowl xxxi?

Drew Bledsoe.

Who was the quarterback on the 1996 New England Patriots Super Bowl team?

Drew Bledsoe was the quarterback on the 1996 New England Patriots Super Bowl team.

Who were the quarterbacks in the 1997 Super Bowl?

Brett Favre for the Packers and Drew Bledsoe for the Patriots.

Who was the New England Patriots quarterback during Super Bowl xxxii?

Drew Bledsoe

Which NFL quarterback was selected first overall in the NFL draft that started a Super Bowl but did not win?

Drew Bledsoe, Super Bowl XXXI, New England Patriots

How many super bowls did drew bledsoe win?

He won a super Bowl in 2002 with the Patriots. He did not start, but contributed to the teams playoff run.

Who were the quarterbacks in Super Bowl XXXI?

Drew Bledsoe for the New England Patriots and Brett Favre for the Green Bay Packers.

What are the names of the patriots quarterbacks that started in the Super Bowl?

Steve Grogan, Drew Bledsoe, and Tom Brady (who has started in 4)

Did Tom Brady first year for the patroits win the Super Bowl?

No, in his first season with the Patriots, 2001, Brady rode the bench behind started Drew Bledsoe. In his 2nd season when Bledsoe got hurt, Tom Brady took the Patriots to Super Bowl 36 and upset the St. Louis Rams

New England vs who in Super Bowls?

Super Bowl XX Patriots vs Bears (Patriots lose), Super Bowl XXI Patriots vs Packers (Patriots lose), Super Bowl XXXVI Patriots vs Rams (Patriots win), Super Bowl XXXVIII Patriots vs Panthers (Patriots win), Super Bowl XXXIX Patriots vs Eagles (Patriots win), and Super Bowl XLII Patriots vs Giants (Patriots lose).

Have the patriots lost a Super Bowl?

yes. the patriots have lost a super bowl

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