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9006 Waterfall Lane, Beverly Hills CA
in Iceland

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I don't think so... But i have no idea, sorry.

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Q: Does David Beckham live in California now?
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Where does David Beckham live now in 2012?

los angelos california

What league does David beckham play in?

Right now, David Beckham plays in the MLS league and the International league.

What team does David Beckham play for in Italy?

David Beckham is now retired from professional football.

What is david bekham doing now?

David Beckham is now retired but he still enjoys playing football.

Who is David Beckham playing for now?

Los Angeles Galaxy

Who is the most famous soccer player now?

David Beckham

Is David Beckham the soccer player a immigrant?

David Beckham was born in the UK and now lives in the US, so it could be said that he has emigrated, but he is not an immigrant.

Which team does david beckham now play?

I believe that he is now playing on the LA Galaxy.

Who is the richst football player?

The Richest Footballer is David Beckham with 100 million pounds.

Did David Beckham die?


Is David Beckham playing with LA Galaxay right now?

No he is with A.C.Milan.

What number does David Beckham now wear?

He wears number 23