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Yes, Burberry does make a line of Golf clothing for women; however, this line of clothing isn't readily available everywhere. It is readily available in Japan or online for people who don't live there.

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Golf clothing can be purchased at a number of locations. Any sporting good store such as Dick's Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, Academy Sports will have a good selection to choose from.

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Q: Does Burberry make a line of golf clothing for women?
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When were Burberry suits first introduced?

Burberry suits were first introduced in Basingstoke, England, in 1856. The suits are named for the clothing line's founder, Thomas Burberry. In addition to clothing, Burberry sells accessories and perfumes.

Where can one purchase a Burberry quilted jacket?

Burberry quilted jackets can be found in most large department stores. It is also possible to buy them at the Burberry stores that are found in most major cities. It is possible to buy them on-line at the Burberry website and sometimes on department store websites such as Debenhams.

Is this clothing line only for women?

Exactly what clothing line are you speaking of? 'This' is not explainitory enough for me to answer.

Is there a difference between Burberry and Burberrys?

I found this answer from Ebayer: Both Burberrys and Burberry are authentic according to the main office. They changed the labeled from Burberrys to Burberry 9 years ago. In 1999 Burberrys changed their marketing name to Burberry. Most of their items changed too however many accessory items still had the Burberrys name. Also, in 2006, after much public outcry, Burberry closed a main manufacturing plant in London and began producing items in China. The Burberry name was the standard, but Burberrys was still being printed in the liner of some purses and clothing. Currently in Japan their is a line Burberry items that are sold that have the Burberrys name. It is a more affordable line of clothing and accesories.

What happened to the women's Koret clothing line?

I would like to know

What does the term ecko red usually mean?

The term Ecko Red typically is referring to a line of clothing by the same name. It is a line of women's clothing manufactured by the clothing company Ecko.

Where is Cutter and Buck clothing sold?

Cutter and buck originates from Seattle Washington. You can find Cutter and buck clothing or sportswear from Nordstrom's or there homepage itself. It's an upscale clothing line for golf or sports.

Does Jones New York sell mens clothing?

Jones New York only specializes in women's clothing and does not offer a men's clothing line.

What does Nancy Lopez do now that she doesn't golf?

She runs her own company Nancy Lopez Golf,makes a full line of women's clubs and accessories.

Is tory burch a clothing store?

Tory Burch is a line of designer clothes targeted at women. In addition to clothing they also sell shoes and handbags, wallets, and jewelry for women.

Do they make Womens Big and Tall clothing?

Eddie Bauer, JC Penney, and Just My Size make clothing for tall women. Avenue has a whole line of clothing dedicated to big and tall women. Big Lion has plus size clothing and clothing for the big and tall.

When was Monarchy Clothing established?

Monarchy clothing was established in 2004. They have a line of men's clothing, women's clothing, fine jewellery, and watches. They are well known in Britain, Canada and the United States.