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No. The New York Yankees, and the Boston Red Sox play each other during the regular season. They only play each other in the division championship when both teams make the playoffs.

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Q: Does Boston only play Yankees in division championship?
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Who is the best team the Boston Red Sox or the New York Yankees?

Definately Yankees they have 28 and the red sox won only 3.

Why are the Red Sox better then the Yankees?

They aren't The Yankees have more championship titles as they have 27. Red Sox have only 7

Which years did the New York Yankees win the World Series in the 21st century?

The Yankees won the World Series in 2009. It is currently their only championship in the 21st century.

When did Babe Ruth start on the Yankees baseball team?

Babe Ruth joined the Yankees in 1920. Before that, he was on the Boston Red Sox from 1914-1919 as primarily a pitcher, and was on the Yankees from 1920-1934, until returning to Boston, but to the Braves (now the Atlanta Braves) only for 1935 before retiring

Can you use time in Ironman marathon to qualify for Boston?

Only the Ironman World Championship in kona is a certified course.

How many World Series championships did Hideki Matsui win with the New York Yankees?

In 2009, Hideki Matsui won his only World Series championship with the Yankees. He was also named the World Series MVP.

Which sporting team is the only to win 5 consecutive championships?

Yankees in 1949 thru 1953. Not sure about Boston Celtics history

How many ws has joe girardi won?

One as ManagerJoe Girardi was on three World Championship teams as a player with the New York Yankees. In 2009 as a manager Joe Girardi led the Yankees to a world Series title. His first and only as a manager.

Why do the Yankee's have only to beat 3 teams to win the division and the St. Louis Cardinals have to beat 5 teams to win the division?

Clearly, the New York Yankees and Major League Baseball aligned themselves together long ago. With the money behind the Yankee's club, the money in New York city itself, the commission and officials of MLB have structured the leagues to protect the numbers of World Series wins, American League Championship's and Division Titles won by the New York Yankees. To have any team let alone a "small town" team such as St. Louis eclipse the Yankees numbers will not be accepted by the officials of MLB. Why else are the leagues restructured as follows: American League's 3 Divisions 5, 4, 4. National Leagues 3 Divisions 5, 5, 6? So by placing the St. Louis Cardinals in a 6-team Division, the New York Yankees in a 4-team Division it breaks down as follows: the Yankees have to beat "only" 3 other teams. The Cardinalshave to beat 5 teams to win the Division. In a game of numbers I doubt a math lesson needs to be explained here and now! Food for thought? When was the last time anyone ever saw the Yankees play the Cardinals in "Inter-league Play"? MLB will have none of that so there can be no comparison of stats between the 2 teams. Leaving it to chance that the Yankees could come up short against the Cardinals is not a chance MLB is willing to take.

How many mlb teams came back from 3-1 deficet?

only one 2004 Boston red sox agaisnt the Yankees and it was the only the third time in all sports history!

Who played on the Celtics with Bill Russell?

Boston Celtics Cool Trivia: He has 11 championship rings. (The most any player so far has obtained if my memory does not fail me)

What year did the New York Yankees New York Giants and New York Knicks win in the same season?

I take it you mean the New York Giants football team, and what year did the Yankee Giants, and Knicks all win a championship. The Knicks only have two championships. They won in 1970, and 1973. The Yankees (93-69), Finished 2nd in AL Eastern Division in 1970, and in 1973 80-82, Finished 4th in AL Eastern Division. The New York Giants football team have 3 Super bowl championships, 1986, 1990, and 2007