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Yes, he has a tatoo on his back.

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โˆ™ 2010-05-23 19:58:04
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Q: Does Big Baby Glen Davis have a tattoo?
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What is Glen Davis' nickname?

Glen "Big Baby" Davis

What is glen davis salary?

Glen, or big baby, gets payed the veteran minimum, which is 470 thousands a year.

WHich NBA player goes by the nickname Big Baby?

Glen Davis- LSU-Boston Celtics

Who was glen big baby Davis traded to?

Glenn was traded to the Orlando Magic, for Brandon Bass

Which sports player has the nickname Big Baby?

Ronald Glen Davis, a professional basketball player forward with the Orlando Magic has the nickname "Big Baby".

Was Glen Big Baby Davis recruited to play college football?

Glen Davis ended up pursuing a successful NBA career, but he was first a football recruit. Many teams offered him a scholarship to play football but he declined.

How did Glen Davis get the nickname Big Baby?

he got the nick name from being the same pistion as shaq and he plays the same kinda game as him so he got the nick name big baby actually Davis was given his nickname when he was 9 years old by a youth league coach. At 5'6", 160 pounds, he was too large to play pee-wee and played as a senior. He used to cry when playing with his older teammates, and his coach would tell him, "Stop crying, you big baby."[15]

Who are the teammates in the Boston Celtics?

Rajon Rondo Ray Allen Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett Kendrick Perkins Rasheed Wallace Glen "Big Baby" Davis Nate Robinson Tony Allen Michael Finley Marquis Daniels Injured: Brian Scalabrine

What nicknames does Glen Ordway go by?

Glen Ordway goes by The Big O.

When was The Big Bad Rock Guitar of Glen Campbell created?

The Big Bad Rock Guitar of Glen Campbell was created in 1965-09.

How big is Glen Rock in Glen Rock NJ?

2.738 sq mi (7.091 km2)

Who is glen Jacob?

Kane. The big red monster.

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