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Yes. Roethlisberger's QB rating of 22.6 in Super Bowl XL is lowest rating of a winning quarterback in Super Bowl history. The previous lowest QB rating of a winning Super Bowl QB was John Elway's 51.9 in Denver's victory over Green Bay in Super Bowl XXXII.

Yes. Ben Roethlisberger was the youngest player EVER to win a SB.

Three years later in Super Bowl XLIII he had a 93.2 passer rating beating the Arizona Cardinals. Ben Roethlisberger won two Super Bowls in his first five years in the NFL.

Actually that answer is wrong.

The worst QB rating held by a QB in a Super Bowl is Craig Morton in Super Bowl XII with a rating of 0.0.

Ben Roethlisber only comes in at 7 in the Top 10 all time worst QB Ratings in Super Bowls

List is as follows:

1. Craig Morton, Denver Super Bowl XII

4 of 15, 39 yds, 4 INTs, 0.0 rating

2. Kerry Collins, Giants Super Bowl XXXV

15 of 39, 112 yds, 4 INTs, 7.1 rating

3. Earl Morrall, Colts Super Bowl III

6 of 17, 71 yds, 3 INTs, 9.3 rating

4. Fran Tarkenton, Vikings Super Bowl IX

11 of 26, 102 yds, 3 INTs, 14.1 rating

5. John Elway, Denver Super Bowl XXIV

10 of 26, 108 yds, 2 INTs, 19.4

6. Billy Kilmer, Redskins Super Bowl VII

14 of 28, 104, 3 INTs, 19.7 raing

7. Ben Rothlberg., Pitt. Super Bowl XL

9 of 21, 123 yds, 2 INTs, 22.6 rating

8. Craig Morton, Dallas Super Bowl V

12 of 26, 127 yds, 1 TD, 3 INTs, 34.1

9. John Elway, Denver Super Bowl XXII

14 of 38, 257 yds, 1 TD, 3 INTs, 36.8

10. Ron Jaworski, Phil. Super Bowl XV

18 of 38, 291 Yds, 1 TD, 3 INTs, 42.6

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Q: Does Ben Roethlisberger hold the record for the worst quarterback rating in a Super Bowl victory?
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What NFL record was tied when Pittsburgh played New England on 10312004?

On 10/31/2004, Pittsburgh Steeler quarterback Ben Roethlisberger won his fifth straight start. With that victory, he tied the record for rookie quarterback victories without a loss. Ben Roethlisberger went on the set the rookie record with a total of 13 regular season victories and 1 playoff victory before losing the first game of his career.

Which Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback led his team to a 15-1 record during his rookie season?

Ben Roethlisberger

What is Ben Roethlisberger's Super Bowl record?

Ben Roethlisberger has a Super Bowl record of 2-1. He was the winning quarterback in both Super Bowl XL and XLIII. He lost to the Green Bay Packers in SB XLV.

Which rookie quarterback led the Pittsburgh Steelers to a 15-1 record in 2004?

In 2004, rookie quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was 13-0 and Tommy Maddox was 2-1.

Which Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback led his team to a 15 to 1 record during 2004 rookie season?

Big Ben Roethlisberger

Who has a better NFL record Peyton Manning or Ben Roethlisberger?

Ben Roethlisberger? But #Eli Manning has a better record that either

What is Ben Roethlisberger's record against the Dallas Cowboys?

Through the 2016 season, the Steelers quarterback is 2-2 against the Cowboys.

What is Ben Roethlisberger's career record at home?

Through the 2011 season, Ben Roethlisberger has a 44-13regular season record at home.

What is Ben Roethlisberger's postseason win-loss record?

Through the 2012 season, Ben Roethlisberger's postseason record is 10-4.

What is Ben Roethlisberger's record on Monday Night Football?

Through 2010, Ben Roethlisberger has a record of 8-2 on Monday Night Football.

What is Ben Roethlisberger's win loss record in December?

Ben Roethlisberger is 21-8 in December.

Who has the best quarterback rating of all time?

AnswerAaron Rodgers currently holds the NFL record for the highest career passer rating for any player with at least 1,500 attempts, with a mark of 98.4

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