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yes it is right he does still like playing basketball

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Q: Does Barack Obama still like playing basketball?
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What did Barack Obama live for?

Barack Obama is still alive

When did Barack Obama die?

Barack Obama is still alive.

Is Barack Obama a good athlete?

Barack Obama was a good athlete in high school, where he excelled at basketball. But he never decided to become a pro, although he still loves the game. In fact, to this day, he still enjoys playing a pick-up game with friends. He has also taken up playing golf. But while he finds playing sports relaxing, it is unlikely that he would be considered at the level of a professional in either basketball or golf.

Did Barack Obama Play Any Sports When He Was Young?

Yes, in high school in Hawaii he was a popular player on the basketball team. He has always loved playing basketball, and still enjoys a game with his friends when his schedule permits.

What are Barack Obama's interests?

He is a passionate basketball fan (both watching it and playing it- he still has regular basketball games.); he also likes playing golf. He enjoys reading, when his schedule permits. He also is interested in visiting historic places with his wife and daughters.

Does Barack Obama still play principle Franklin on icarly?

yes- that is wrong. Barack Obama does not in fact play in ICarly- The principle is played by Tim Russ. Yes Tim is still playing the role of Principle Franklin.

Is Barack Obama is still alive?


What was barack obama's favorite sport and why?

Growing up, he liked to play basketball. He was a star player in high school, and while he never sought to become a professional athlete, to this day, he still enjoys playing basketball with some of his long-time friends.

Is Barack Obama alive or dead?

Barack Obama is still alive (as I type, on August 4, 2011) and is still President of the United States.

Did Obama play sports?

Barack Obama played basketball in high school, and still enjoys the game. He is an avid golfer, and a baseball fan. He is a fan of his daughter's soccer teams.

Did Obama play basketball?

Obama played high school basketball and still plays recreational basketball.

What is barack obama's favorite sport to watch?

I would guess that he likes most to watch basketball. He played it in high school and still plays .

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