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no he's not even married

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Q: Does Atlanta Hawks Joe Johnson have kids?
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Does Joe Johnson from Atlanta Hawks have a girlfriend?

No He Does Not

Do Atlanta hawks joe Johnson have children?

He's in a paternity suit now

Which team did the suns trade joe Johnson to in 2005?

In August 2005, Johnson was sent to the Atlanta Hawks for Boris Diaw and two #1 draft choices.

What active NBA players wear the number 2?

joe Johnson of the atlanta hawks and mo Williams wear that number

In 2001 midway through Joe Johnson's rookie year he was acquired by what NBA team?

Phoenix SunsIn 2005, Joe Johnson was part of a sign and trade deal with the Atlanta Hawks for Boris Diaw and two future picks.

Who is better Joe Johnson or Allen Iverson?

Currently Joe Johnson. The Hawks are a good team. Iverson is old and he is not a team player. Definitely Joe Johnson. Allen Iverson had a better career, but Joe Johnson is a beast right now.

When and where did baseball player Joe Johnson play?

Joe Johnson debuted on July 25, 1985, playing for the Atlanta Braves at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium; he played his final game on June 21, 1987, playing for the Toronto Blue Jays at Exhibition Stadium.

What team does josh Johnson play on?

joe Johnson is playing for the hawks but he is going to a diffrent team very very sooon

How many players are on the Atlanta Hawks roster?

The 15 players on the Hawks roster for the 2008-2009 season are: * Mike Bibby * Speedy Claxton * Maurice Evans * Thomas Gardner * Al Horford * Othello Hunger * Joe Johnson * Josh Smith * Zaza Pachulia * Solomon Jones * Ronald Murray * Randolph Jones * Marvin Williams * Mario West * Acie Law

Does Joe Johnson of the Atlanta Hawks have a stuttering problem because lately with all his playoff games on national tv he stutters a lot on tv interviews or is he just not use to so many cameras?

I don't find him listed on Famous People who Stutter by The Stuttering Foundation. Maybe they need to add him.

What is the hawks starting lineup?

Mike Bibby - PG Joe Johnson - SG Al Horford - C Josh Smith - PF Maurice Evans - SF

How many NBA championships do the atlanta hawks have?

The Atlanta Hawks has 1 NBA championship (1958) and 4 conference titles. The franchise was formed in 1946 as the National Basketball League's Buffalo Bisons. On May 2, 2010, the Hawks defeated the Milwaukee Bucks in game seven of the series, advancing to the 2nd round against the Orlando Magic. However, like the previous year, after winning a hard-fought 7th game, they succumbed in a four game sweep. Joe Johnson dissed the fans here after rightly booing his poor, lazy, and selfish performance. They have yet to advance past the Conference Semifinals since moving to Atlanta in 1968.